Reiki Healing

What isĀ  Reiki and how does healing take place with Reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing modality where the practitioner uses the energy of the universe to heal the recipient. The practitioner places his/her hands above the body or on the body and the recipient draws in the universal life force to wherever it is needed. We can compare this phenomenon with two oscillating bodies. The body with lower vibration usually takes synchronizes itself to the higher vibration which is the Reiki energy. Hence Reiki brings in feelings of relaxation, emotional healing and contentment to the recipient


Reiki FAQs

How can Reiki energy help me?

Reiki heals one physically , emotionally, financially.Reiki can be given to marriages, interviews, examination so that negative energy can be replaced with positive energy

Should we stop taking prescribed medicines by medical practitioner if reiki healing starts?

If we have a medical condition and taking any form of medication we should not stop taking the treatment.Reiki accelerates the natural healing process of the body hence can be used in conjunction with allopathy,ayurveda ,homeopathy etc.

Are there any side effects of Reiki?

Reiki is an energy which is drawn by the recipient depending upon which area needs healing.So here the recipient himself takes in the energy.This form of energy helps in healing and relaxation but if there is an existing medical condition the recipient should not stop taking medicines

How often should one take Reiki energy?

Depending upon the condition one can take Reiki Healing. For minor issues like the common cold, headaches, and backache one Reiki session can heal you. But for more serious issues more than one Reiki session is recommended. Also for general healing for people who have high stress, they can take Reiki session once every month

Can Reiki be given to pregnant women and babies?

Reiki is an energy which can be adjusted by the body according to the recipients’ needs. So one should not worry if energy is suitable for babies or pregnant women. Reiki energy is guided by higher power so it is for the highest good of all

Can distance Reiki healing be done?

Yes. Reiki energy is similar even when given from distance. Those who cannot be physically present can get a distance healing done

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