About Me

I am a Tarot card reader, reiki healer, and crystal therapy practitioner. I not only guide you about the future but also provide healing and remedies.

I have done MBA in marketing and have been part of the corporate world for the last 5 years.

Initially, the tarot was for my personal use only.  I found that tarot helped me stay on track, stay focused, and achieve exactly what I want to achieve. It also helped console me in times of grief, loss, and confusion. When the words and advice of well-meaning people couldn’t help relieve my pain, I found that the tarot could. 

Being part of the corporate world I understand that nowadays with the hectic lifestyle people are more prone to stress and depression. In fact, it all started with me reading for my colleagues and it was then when they asked me to help many people who are confused, sad, depressed and want genuine and affordable tarot guidance with proper remedies. My readings would also include counseling as there were people who have gone through a breakup, loss of someone, or couple issues.


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