In life we sometimes come across a situation when we feel negative suddenly after meeting someone or after going to some place. Maybe you have been in association with negative energy and hence you begin experiencing its symptoms –headaches, sadness, feeling low. As human beings we can absorb lower vibrations and that can cause a chain of negative reactions.It can manifest as career issues, family conflicts, sickness or monetary losses.

Hence I have listed 10 ways how we can remove negative energy







1)Smudging with sage:-You can get sage online from either leaves or bundle. I generally use a fire proof container where I burn the sage bundle at one end. Then I start rotating it counter-clockwise telling a short prayer. The prayer can be anything like’ kindly remove any negative energy from the space’. It is necessary to open doors and windows while the smoke accumulates. You can also use a feather to fan the smoke and cleanse yourself starting from the feet to head .

2)Using Himalayan salt in bath:-You can use Himalayan salt in your bathtub or bucket just a teaspoon and visualize that negative energy is being removed from your body while bathing

3)Meditation:-Meditation not only calms you down but also helps to remove negative energy from your body. While meditating you can visualize white light entering your body while breathing in and black light leaving your body carrying all negativity with it

4)Use crystals like Black Tourmaline or Smoky quartz:-Crystals like black tourmaline or smoky quartz absorb negative energy and keep us grounded. Trying holding a Black tourmaline crystal on in your hand and hold it until you feel calm. This crystal can be kept in four corners of our house for more protection

5)Music :-Playing high frequency music can help to remove negativity. In fact we all know that music soothes our mind. So next time you feel depressed play your favorite music. Another effective way is to use Tibetan sound bowls by striking it on the rim with the mallet and circling the mallet clockwise. This creates a positive environment.

6)Remove clutter:-One of the easiest way to create  positive energy is to remove clutter and reorganize the furniture .Hence this would not only improve your mood but also your aesthetics of your home

7)Be in touch with Nature:- Hit the outdoors. Visit the beach. Take a stroll on your nearby park. Exercise. All these gives a positive upliftment to your mood

8)Use Essential Oils:-Burning Essential  Oil like Lavender,Basil,Cinnamon,Orange  naturally creates a pleasant odour and helps us deal with stress ,depression ,conflicts etc

9)Plants:-Place indoor plants in your house to create a positive aura.

 10)Reiki:-Reiki is a type of healing modality that removes depression, stress ,tension etc.We should take Reiki once every month for general sense of well -being.


These are my top 10 ways to remove negative energy from ourselves or surroundings .These can be done whenever we feel low ,depressed or sad




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