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Career guidance

 Should I continue with this job or how will be my new job? Nowadays it is very critical to decide our career path

Get all the career related queries by Tarot reading services in Bangalore through phone or personal readings

Romance Reading

Is there a future with him? Does he love me?How is my future husband?Will he marry me? How to save this marriage?

Get all the answers regarding love and relationships through our Tarot Reading Services 


Yes or No Question

Should I take this job? Should I marry with him? Get a direct yes or no answer for any queries!

Life Purpose Reading

Do you want to know what is your true calling? Are you dissatisfied with your current career path? Come and find your  true life purpose and ideal career !

Angel Messages

We all have a higher power with us who can guide us to the right path. There are various angels who are for protection,healing,communication etc. Come find what is the specific message for you

Choosing between multiple options readings

Sometimes we want to find out the right option between multiple options eg. which partner is the right one,which job should I join? Come and find out which is the option for highest good!

What Is Tarot?

Tarot cards are a form of divination which helps you to get guidance from the universe. A Tarot reading can help us to get an insight into the future. There are certain areas in life that are blocked.A Tarot can actually help us in that discovery process. We find out more about ourselves with the help of the Tarot.Tarot can help us regarding the right direction to take. A Tarot can also heal us as Tarot helps us connect with our own subconscious which already knows the answers


Who should consult the tarot?

  • Anyone who wants to find out about the future and take correct steps to enhance the future
  • Anyone who wants to know about hidden fears or blockages
  • Anyone who wants to know about inner talents and how to use them for a better future
  • Anyone who wants to connect with his higher self
  • Anyone who wants to know about his  life purpose
  • Anyone who wants to make a decision regarding something
  • Anyone who wants to understand the nature of yourself or others(boss,co-worker, friend, relative,lover)
  • Anyone who wants positivity during tough times






How readings are conducted:

The querent will close his eyes and take three deep breaths and  will do a quite prayer.

After the prayer he/she will take the deck and shuffle.He /she will be thinking about his/her current situation while  doing the shuffling  .

Based on his/her intuition the querent will stop the shuffling and lay the cards in 3 pack of deck

After that he will pick up the cards

I will interpret the meaning of the cards and his/her answers

After the session there will be a closing prayer to conclude the session.

At last I  will provide the  remedies as required.



About Me

 My name is Mahasweta .I have been in the corporate world since last 4 years 

I had a passion for spirituality since childhood and was always intrigued by the occult and esoteric sciences.

We all know that life is always about ups and downs .During my job I faced a lot of difficulties and anxiety since I was from a small town and there are many challenges in a metro city. During that time I came across Tarot and started to research more about it from the Internet,books and took up a course as well.Then a lot of my friends and colleagues started to take guidance from me through Tarot. I was able to guide them in terms of personal life,career,decision making.It was then when I realized that a lot of us can actually deal with difficulties if we know where is the blockage and what action we should take.I have helped people out of depression too with the help of Tarot.I believe that it is You who know the answers .Tarot is just connecting You with the source

Apart from Tarot, I have also been practicing Reiki, Crystal healing, Angel guidance and Pranic healing .I also help in counselling for couples who are going through tough times in their relationship.

I believe that Tarot can not only guide you but heal you.So if you want to heal yourself and feel that you deserve more happiness ask one past period question for free and know for yourself my authenticity


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